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This Unit, as a support function, leads us on Spiritual    support in form of Prayers and     Intercessions, for the    Department on all; our programs, operations and     for     our members, as well as families.

Except at impromptu calls to prayers, they coordinate     the following activities;
    a) Weekly Saturday’s prayer sessions from 9pm to 12am.
    b) Developing prayer points and coordinating the posts of these prayers to the entire house
    c) They lead our watches for planned programs and events for successful outcomes
    d) Helping to catalogue our testimonies and hosting our thanksgiving sessions on every first Saturday of each Month.

Additionally, they saddle themselves with the burden of praying for our enrollees at the CCBS, Trainings, Advisory, Cottage programs and those who subscribe for our Loan and Grant offers, praying that they reach their desired success goals.